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Oh the magic of Aurora Borealis! Northern Lights hits users with a pleasant body high accompanied by a sense of well-being and happiness. A classic choice of quality over quantity, Northern Lights is known as a “two hit and quit” strain. With experience, users can tap into increased creativity and focus, but novices may find themselves glued to the couch and craving snacks, even in lower doses! Imbued with powers of deep muscle relaxation, Northern Lights is therapeutic and profoundly soothing. With a legendary legacy in cannabis plant genetics, few strains shine as bright as Northern Lights.

THC Range (grown under optimum conditions)
16 – 26%

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Dominant Origins
95% Indica
5% Sativa

Parents of Northern Lights

Medicinal Application
Commonly used relieve sleeplessness, Northern Lights is ideal for treating stress and depression. The strain’s heavy body high is extremely effective in addressing chronic pain and its strong appetite-inducing effects are used to treat eating disorders like anorexia.

Pungently sweet and spicy.

Earthy sweet, with a hint of pine.

Side-effects may include dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, headaches, and mild paranoia.

CBD Range (grown under optimum conditions)

THC Range (grown under optimum conditions)
16 - 26%

Physical Characteristics
Northern Lights is cherished for its resin-encrusted buds that produce a large main cola. The purple-hued buds are reported to “glow” towards the end of their growing time, much like their namesake celestial phenomena. Wide internode spacing with long, thin leaves indicate the strain’s Sativa background.

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  • '5'
    I’m happy with the service gives, just with the seeds that are supplied in a plastic bag with a code name to it. I’d rather that they came with a basic right up saying about the way they grow and best ways of getting the most out of them so there’s helpful hints to what suits them best as anything that comes from the source knows a lot more than average backyard farmer. So with that said I’m off to work on my tomato patch so there’s plenty of green tomatoes.
  • '5'
    seeds came fast, all 3 germination in about 24 hours all 3 sprouted with no issues and are growing very nicely. can’t say about yield plants are too young. i would buy this strain again for my 2nd grow it was much easier to grow and growth was fast.
  • '5'
    Hello just a review to let everyone know how my experience went with i49 seeds, it was my first time I bought from i49 and Im very impressed on the service, mail turned up in about 8 days, all went well, good quality seed, we are very lucky to have i49 seeds to buy from, yes all is good, I got some in germination all seeds hatched well, owe it to i49 for there determination to help all of us do what we want, 10 out 10 to i49 seeds, thank you very much.
  • '5'
    Package receive within 1 week. Labelling was outstanding, packaging was innovative and made me chuckle. PLanted two days ago, waiting for the first ones to pop-up…Future purchases will depend on how many germinated and sprouted…