Legend OG Fem

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This ‘Legendary’ clone descendant of OG Kush maintains its Indica dominance (70/30 split) and drives THC levels as high as 24%. Like the best buds of OG, you will get small dense sticky flowers that grow tight together on sturdy branches. Hard-hitting and supremely relaxing.

Flowering Time: 7-9 Weeks
THC Content: 20-24%
Floral and pine with sour citrus sand diesel elements.

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  • '5'
    I am a new customer of i49.co but decided on them after careful research. I must say that i am completely satisfied with their response to my queries before my purchase and the subsequent quick delivery of my package. 7 days is real quick. I intend to post my grow on youtube and i have purchased another set of seeds to help me do that. Customer service is king.
  • '5'
    All seeds looked very healthy in the first in the first 24 hrs. 8 out of 10 sprouted. There was a discrepancy on the amount of seeds shipped two EMAILS later seeds are on there way. will definitely buy from i49.co again as more seeds are needed and tell my friends.
  • '5'
    i49 is the real deal!!! As you know it’s hard to send your money to an interweb site, there are so many variables that could lead to disappointment. Let’s face it seeds with good genetics are not cheap, and then there is the worry about customs even if they are legal in your state or country. Do to this, they can not sent in the original grower’s package, the stealth way they have to be sent prohibits this. I have the up most faith that they were the variety I wanted and paid for. I would use the Guaranteed Delivery option for the price; it gives you complete piece of mind. There are so many good things that could be said, you will not be disappointed I assure you. And there only email away as they take pride in their communication with their customers.
  • '5'
    I have been buying and growing for over 20 years now and i have dealt with all kind of people and organizations but i49 are by far the best I’ve ever had the privilege of dealing with, great selection and prices but also an amazing staff that went above and beyond, even when there was a problem with my order that i49 was not at fault for they still replaced my order at there own cost. I could not be happier, thank you i49 for your service i will place another order soon