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California Orange is a sweet citrus plant that flowers for 9 weeks.

It grows well indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse and products 350 to 450 grams per cubic meter.

This California strain is high THC and has very uplifting and happy effects.

Use this strain for stress or depression and even couch lock at higher doses.

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Buy Wholesale California Orange Feminized Marijuana Seeds For Sale!

This strain boasts an intense citrus aroma and a 9 week flowering cycle.

Combine that with its happy and uplifting effects for awesome buds.

Dominant Origins:

50/50 Indica/Sativa Hybrid

Parents of California Orange:

Unconfirmed. Old School Strain (Predates the trademarking of strain genetics)

Medicinal Application:

California Orange is the perfect strain to treat pain, depression, stress, inflammation, and fatigue. Light usage brings out the sativa characteristics, heavier usage brings out the more Indica effects of the strain. Known for a potent mental high.


Orange, Citrus, Sweet (Smoke is smooth with a sweet aftertaste)


Sweet Citrus Aroma reminiscent of Orange Zest


Impediments include dry mouth, dry eyes, and mild paranoia. This strain has a lower overall THC % in comparison to other strains making it perfect for beginners.

CBD Range:


THC Range:


Physical Characteristics:

Tight leafy bud structure, pale green leaves covered with Trichomes and Orange Hairs

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