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Auto Yumbolt strain is best for evening usage. The buds are filled with dense clusters covered in shinning trichomes. Users will be graced with a dreamy and tranquil body buzz. It’s mother is originally Afghani and was naturalized in Humboldt County’s mountains.

These seeds are not compatible with cloning techniques.

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Dominant Origins

Indica / Sativa / Ruderalis Hybrid

Indica Dominant

Parents of Auto Yumbolt

Yumbolt Landrace (80%) x Ruderalis (20%)

Medicinal Application

In combination with a balanced lifestyle, appropriate dosage and administration of Auto Yumbolt can treat symptoms of depression, pain, insomnia, and stress.


Mossy, Forest, Sweet, Berry


Earthy, Peat, Sweet, Berry

Impediments (from most likely to least likely)

Dry mouth, Dry eyes

CBD Range


THC Range


Physical Characteristics

Yellow and orange pistils twist through each resin-dusted flower bursting with light-green sugar-leaves.

Growing Information

Total Duration of growth: 63-70 days from seed

Yield: 90 grams


Plant height: 70-80cm

Yield: 90 grams


Environment: thrives in Mediterranean climates

Potential to grow 2 crops/year in higher latitudes

Yield: 90 grams
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