Auto Diesel x Auto Blue Fem

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Buy Auto Diesel x Auto Blueberry Feminized Seeds Now!

Emjoy 8-10 weeds from seed flowering times from this potent and resinous autoflower strain.

This hybrid seed comes from a sativa NY Diesel and an indica Blueberry.

*All prices in CANADIAN [ CAD ] funds.

Buy Feminized Auto Blueberry X Auto Diesel Seeds from I49 Now!

1000 SEEDS

Buy Wholesale Auto Diesel x Auto Blueberry Feminized Seeds Online!

This strain was bred from a powerful sativa NY Diesel and an intense Blueberry Indica to bring a potent and resinous bud that is sure to please.

You can expect 8-10 weeks from seed to harvest and this strain grows indoors, outdoors or in a green house.

Add Auto Diesel x Auto Blue to your garden for its heavy yield and potent effects.

*All prices in CANADIAN [ CAD ] funds.

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  • '5'
    I couldn’t believe how many varieties if seeds were available on this site yet I found it easy to make my final with useful information being provided on each strain. The stealth packaging was soo good that it was several days before I cottoned on to what was inside; I thought someone had misdirected an order to me!
  • '5'
    The best website to get seeds, no issues except the one seed they didn’t have they e-mailed me instantly and explained and I got to choose one of three seeds to make up for the one they didn’t have, love this place, will get more
  • '5'
    I was able to order my product easily online. The order shipped quick and I was able to track my package the whole way. I very impressed. Received my seeds within a week and half. i49 has done a stand up job and I will absolutely order my seeds from here everytime. Thanks!
  • '5'
    These turned out great, very sweet and has a fruity like smell too them, will definitely buy more once they are back in stock !
  • '5'
    9/10 germination. 2/2 my call was answered. 2/2 I spoke to the same sales guy. Highly recommend.
  • '5'
    Grew in a greenhouse in Ok and hd great results. Id but from this seed shop again.
  • '5'
    The description of this strain is accurate. Its quick and productive and id recomend.
  • '5'
    Great strain from I49 and helpful staff. 5 stars
  • '5'
    I found this gem through I49. Ny Diesel x Blueberry which is a great plant to grow that’s quick and forgiving. My wife love to smoke this strain, so I stay outta the doghouse keeping her in stock. Great strain and service. Thanks Rick and Kay.
  • '5'
    I dont know if its just the phenotype that I got, but these buds are dripping with resin. This strain is off the charts for stickyness.
  • '5'
    Quick delivery and good germination rate. I would buy from I49 again.