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Buy Auto Blue Ice Weed Seeds For Commercial Growers in Canada.

Blue Ice marijuana plants grow a myriad of branches and reward with above average yields. The herb is good for day and morning time use.

Wholesale Autoflowering Blue Ice 420 Seeds For Sale Online.

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Buy Wholesale Autoflower Blue Ice Marijuana Seeds For Sale!

Bleu Ice strain comes with a good mix of THC and CBD. Blue Ice lineage has ancestry from one of the most potent sativa-dominant strains in existence – Alaskan Ice ( White Widow x Pure Haze ) and is crossed with Blueberry to increase yield, reduce flowering time and make this plant one of the easiest pot plants to grow. Like its heritage from White Widow, the plant grows large single cola’s with lower side branches.

I49 customers use the blue ice strain when they have more than one ailment and want to only grow a single type of plant to help cure them all. The versatile cannabinoid profile of this strain is a cost saver for medicinal patients who might otherwise have to purchase multiple strains to get the relief they need from their symptoms.

This strain is not just for novice growers because experienced growers can turn huge yields from this high yield weed seed.
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