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The uplifting sensation will leave you feeling happy and a bit euphoric, but can give way to headaches or paranoia if not taken with caution.

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American Haze (California Haze) is a sativa dominant strain which originates from Santa Cruz, California. The mix of Mexican, South American, South Indian, and Thai genetics provides a powerful energy-inducing plant. The emerald colored plant produces rich, tight, green nugs, amber hairs, and fine white trichomes. Flowering time is between 8-10 Weeks and the plant will produce impressive yields.

The aroma and flavor are sweet and spicy with herb and floral undertones. The strain provides the consumer with an energizing, focused, happy, and uplifting high which is perfect for creative projects. The therapeutic effects are also great for alleviating depression, fatigue, lack of appetite, and stress. THC levels vary between 15-23% which is great for the seasoned cannabis consumer.

Dominant Origins: Hybrid (30% Indica / 70% Sativa)

Parent Strains: Haze x Sour Diesel x Mexican Ruderalis

Flavor: Sweet, spicy and herbal flavors

Aroma: Dry Mouth & Eyes, Dizzy, Paranoid

CBD Range: 0-1%

THC Range: 15-23%

Physical Characteristics: Plant is full of flavor and colors. Buds are very tight but still thick and lengthy.

Medicinal Benefits: Depression, Stress, Pain, Lack of Appetite

Impediments: Dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiety.


Month of harvest: Mid-Late October

Height Range: 2m+

Yield: 600-800g/plant


Weeks: 8-10 Weeks

Height Range: 1-2m

Yield: 500-550g/m2
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