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Love Potion Strain is a Sativa Dominant hybrid marijuana seed.

Its lineage is from G13 and Marta Columbia Gold and then crossed with Columbian Gold again to create a skunky and lemon flavored Sativa cannabis strain.

You can notice distinct Citrus, Skunk & Grapefruit smells and its known for giving a happy and uplifting effects.

Some users experience a sense of arousal and a high that leaves your fingertips buzzing in warming waves.

Love Potion Strain is used to treat fatigue, stress, anxiety and depression.

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Dominant Origins

Pure Sativa

Parents of

G13 x Santa Marta Columbian Gold x Columbian Gold

Medicinal Application

Love Potion Fem is an energizing libido booster that causes feelings of ecstasy and creativity. This strain relieves tension without sedating, so you can kick back and engage with the healing forces of love.


Citrus, Spicy/Herbal, Skunky


Lemon, Lime, Spicy/Herbal, Skunky


Anxiety, Dizziness, Dry mouth, Paranoia

CBD Range


THC Range


Physical Characteristics

Fire-orange pistils twist throughout deep-green flowers speckled with cream-coloured trichomes while lime-green sugar-leaves blend to yellow along with medium sized fan-leaves.


Climate: Semi Humid/Temperate

Harvest: Late November

Yield: 12 oz/plant


Massive growth occurs if using the Screen of Green method

Flowering phase: 10-12 weeks

Yield: 10-12 oz/m2
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