Blackberry Kush Fem

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This Indica-dominant hybrid may be short in stature but makes up for this in abundant bud production. Flowers have vivid colors, with flecks of purple, yellow and black. Expect a chilled out high that is smooth around the edges. Rather sedative at high doses.

Flowering Time: 8-10 Weeks
THC Content: 15-17%
Sweet kush flavor with a soft touch of berries

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  • '5'
    Quick and prompt delivery packaging to Canada. After soaking seeds for 12 hours and put in germination tray only one of the 5 seeds germinated but it did pop in 2 days. And has 2 sets of leaves in the first week im sure will
  • '5'
    I am very pleased I got my beans quick, no problems. The seeds looked good, have not planted them yet. They were all nicely labeled and discretely packaged. I will finishes this review when I plant them and see the result. Bought two new lights for my baby beans and can’t wait to watch those beans sprout.
  • '5'
    After reading a few people saying that they received bad seeds I put it to the test! Took all of the seeds I got from i49 and sprouted them. I live in a place that it is legal to do so, please do not anything that will get you in trouble.

    13 out 13 POPed! That is 100% people, the guy that said he got non of his to go has a black thumb! I know have all the faith in the world that the ones I bought to save for the end of the world will go without a hitch.

    Disclaimer. I do not work for these people. I just hate when people lead other in a bad way.
  • '5'
    Haven’t used the product yet, but the system worked fine and the shipment came quickly. Payment is a little laborious compared to what we are used to with the internet, but that’s understandable.